rules Design

After billions years of evolution, nature has learned: What works. What is appropriate. What lasts...
We should consider a new way of viewing and valuing nature.
A new era based not on what we can extract from the natural world, but on what we can learn from it.

Janine M. Benyus
Biomimicry, Innovation Inspired by Nature.


Through creativity and strategy, we cover a wide range of projects that go from product design, furniture design, and interior design to the graphic construction of the visual identity of influential brands. 

We are aware of our responsibility as designers, so we strive to create objects that justify their existence and earn their own place in this world. We believe that, in such dizzying times where fashions follow one after the other, there is no more sustainable and sincere product than the one that is meant to overcome the passage of time.


Against an increasingly segmented and specialized world, full of ephemeral and shallow connections, we preferred to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to our work. This allows us to set up a deeper and more durable relationship with our clients and also with the products we design. An approach where the process is as important as the result.

Therefore, we accompany the development of the product in almost all instances: with a comprehensive and transversal approach, a 360-degree review that allows us to achieve overall coherence throughout the design process, where the whole is more important than the sum of its parts.

Nature as a source of inspiration, not to imitate or
portray its finished forms but to express the construction systems or intrinsic structures that compose it.
To represent its spirit, its soul.


Our team is composed of a heterogeneous, dynamic, and multidisciplinary group of professionals who do what they love and love what they do. Led by Lucio Traficante, a product designer who has been recognized for his designs with many awards and publications during his career.

However, when defining the secret of his achievements, he prefers to attribute them to two simple concepts: commitment and passion. Commitment, which allows him to understand design as a vindicating element of contemporary man against a material culture that expands voraciously according to market rules and needs. Passion, that turns him into a kind of modern poet who interprets the emotions and feelings of the user, like the words of a poem in which the prose materializes to describe the human heart.


From our studio located in the mythical Born neighborhood in Barcelona, the cradle of modernist magic, we develop a global strategy that allows us to generate synergies and bonds that go beyond the limits of our borders.

This is how we have had the opportunity and the pleasure of collaborating with customers and suppliers throughout all of Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Argentina, China, India, and the United States, among other countries around the world.